7 April 2015 – Housed: sneak peek of Private view 7 April 2015 (5:30-8PM)

Set-up is complete of the first phase of Housed:, in which 12 artists join 5 curators in an experimental project that plays with the relationship between artist and curator. Ends 10 April 2015.

A sneak peek into Housed:

A number of large-scale installations as well as smaller work comes together under the same roof in Housed:, a project in which curators and artists attempt to define new relationships between the two.


Photography, video, painting, and installation all play a part in Housed: to create conversations that ebb and flow between the artworks and the space that contains them.


Alex Roberts, one of the curators of Housed:, uses the project to “proposes a chain of perspectives that challenge the ‘occupancy’ inside the regimented frameworks” such as the academic gallery setting.


The project will continue to evolve over the week, with a complete re-hang by MA Curating & Collections group,  scheduled for Wednesday (8 April 2015) afternoon.


The project will be documented throughout, with the aim to compile a finished catalogue a few weeks after the show closes, with images, essays, and notes captured from the week.

Learn more about Housed:








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